Script Girls, by Lizzie Francke, tells some of the stories of women who wrote for Hollywood. Oddly, it seems that the very earliest years of the film industry were an easier, freer time for women, before more traditional power structures could become embedded. It's a fascinating book, and I've added a whole bunch of (not currently available) films to my To-Watch list.

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I absolutely love this quote from Clair Noto, who most famously (or notoriously) wrote a never-made film, The Tourist.

I'm not a prose writer, I am a dramatist. Even when I write letters, my letters tend to read like film scripts. Good dialogue is like line drawing. If you are drawing a knee and you have to articulate that knee with only a line, you've got no form, no chiaroscuro, no colour, you have to be on the mark. That's the substance of good dialogue.

Script Girls by Lizzie Francke